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Alicante Solicitors - Lawyers, Barristers, Tax Advisors, Conveyancing, Property Experts, Financial Advisors. Lawyers in Alicante Specialised in Property, Investments, Conveyance, Inheritance, Wills, Probate, Litigation, Family, Car Accidents, Damages, etc
Connie Raymundo - Raymundo & Hopman Abogados (c) 2015.
Alicante Solicitors > Raymundo & Hopman, we are an International, Multilingual and Multidisciplinary Solicitors Firm based in Alicante however, we are having many collaborators all around Spain, United Kingdom, France, Holland, USA, etc.

We remain independent and will offer crystal clear advice from the start of the process until completion.

We believe that the best legal insights are based on human understanding and it is very important to us to communicate with our clients, to understand their concerns and needs and ensure that we provide the best advice and expertise service.

The first consultation is free and, according to our clear advice politics, our clients receive a written estimate to help them to decide whether to hire our services or not.

We are always pleased to assist our clients and to make it easier to them by transferring the stress of the legal process from their shoulders onto ours.

Connie Raymundo
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Abogados Alicante > Raymundo & Hopman - Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors, Tax Advisers, Financial Advisers, Economists, Conveyancing & Property Experts, Architects, Translators.
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Connie Raymundo - Raymundo & Hopman Abogados - Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors, Economists, Medical Experts, Property Experts, Alicante
Abogados Raymundo & Hopman
Abogados Raymundo & Hopman
Independent Lawyers, Barristers, Tax Advisers,  Financial Advisers, Conveyancing & Property Experts, 
Architects, Economists, and Translators in Alicante, Spain.
Raymundo & Hopman Abogados (initially called RHV Abogados) was established in 2006 by the Solicitors Connie Raymundo and Eric Ruiz Hopman.
Connie Raymundo and Eric Hopman - Lawyers in Alicante
Connie Raymundo
Senior Partner
Lawyer & Barrister
Eric Ruiz Hopman
Senior Partner
Lawyer &  Barrister
Our team of specialized Solicitors in all our key legal fields is also assisted by Tax Advisors, Architects, Economists, Property, Conveyance and other Experts in many other fields , Translators, etc.
Connie Raymundo - Lawyer and Barrister
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