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Homeowners Communities (condominium)
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Abogados Raymundo & Hopman
Abogados Raymundo & Hopman
Independent Lawyers, Barristers, Tax Advisors,  Financial Advisors, Conveyance & Property Experts, 
Architects, Economists, and Translators in Alicante, Spain.
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Raymundo & Hopman Abogados - Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors, Economists, Conveyance & Property Experts, Architects & Translators
in Alicante
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Raymundo & Hopman Abogados (initially called RHV Abogados) was established in 2006 by the Solicitors Connie Raymundo and Eric Ruiz Hopman.
Connie Raymundo and Eric Hopman - Lawyers in Alicante
Connie Raymundo
Senior Partner
Lawyer & Barrister
Eric Ruiz Hopman
Senior Partner
Lawyer &  Barrister
Our team of specialized Solicitors in all our key legal fields is also assisted by Architects, Economists, Property, Conveyance and other Experts in many other fields , Translators, etc.
Alicante Solicitors - Lawyers, Barristers, Tax Advisors, Conveyancing, Property Experts, Financial Advisors. Lawyers in Alicante Specialised in Property, Investments, Conveyance, Inheritance, Wills, Probate, Litigation, Family, Car Accidents, Damages, etc

Alicante Solicitors Raymundo & Hopman offers complete legal and financial
advice for the Management of Homeowners Communities (condominium),
advice that is permanent and specialised.

In a first meeting, absolutely free of costs, we will study with you the most convenient formula to cover your needs
and we will prepare a specific estimate of costs that will take in account the particulars of your Community.

Some of the services that we offer for the Neighbours Communities Management are the following;

· Homeowner’s Community formal establishment.
· Preparation of the Community Bylaws.
· Formal calling and personal attending to the Ordinary and Extraordinary Community meetings.
· Preparation of the minutes and official books keeping.
· Payments arrangement. Accountancy.
· Claims to debtors. Court proceedings.
· Management of repairs, improvements and building works.
· Applications and arrangements with Public bodies.
· Community Agreements complaints.
· Complete legal advice.

Please, contact us for further information and/or for a free estimate, we will be very pleased to personally visit you in
your place or if you prefer, to meet you in our offices at your best convenience.

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