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Also, with the normal clauses about the estate you can make an executor appointment clause. The executor will take care that everything is happening as you wished. In case you do not fix onto your will the executor faculties, then, the Spanish law provides that the executor faculties are:

Art.901 C.C. “Los albaceas tendran todas las facultades que expresamente les haya conferido el testador y no sean contrarias a las leyes”
The executor, who is subject to the limits provided by law, will have the faculties given by the testator

Art.902 C.C. “No habiendo el testador determinado expressamente las facultades del albacea tendra las siguientes:
If the testator do not determine what the executor can do then, his faculties are:

1.- Disponer y pagar los sufragios y el funeral del testador con arreglo a lo dispuesto por el en el testamento”.
1.- To pay and disposse about the burial and funeral expenses in accordance with the testator wishes.

2.- Satisfacer los legados en metalico con el cono cimiento y beneplacito del heredero.
2.- To pay the cash legacies under the inheritors knowledge and agreement.

3.-Vigilar sobre la ejecucion de todo lo demas ordenado en el testamento y sostener, siendo justo, su validez en juicio y fuera de el.

3.- To check that the execution is developed in accordance to the will and to defend the will in Court.

4.- Tomar las precauciones necesarias para la conservacion y custodia de los bienes, con intervencion de los herederos presentes.

4.- To take the necessary care in respect to the custody and conservaation of the devise and the bequeth with the present inheritors assistance.

As you can see, whatever the executor is doing in reference to the estate is checked out by the inheritors.

Once the will has been done is then checked by the Notary Public and signed up in his presence. It is necessary to be accompanied by an interpreter if you do not speak/understand Spanish.

The Notary keeps the original in his files, gives you an authorised copy and sends a notification to the central registry in Madrid (registro de ultimas voluntades) .

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Open will in Spain

Any foreigner can make a Spanish will leaving his Spanish property to any person of his choice (Art.9 C.C.). He must declare that his own national law is ruled by the principle of free disposition of property by testament, that means, if you are a British you can make a Spanish will leaving your Spanish property to whomever you choose.

Spouses will must each make separate wills, as they each own property separately.
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