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Independent Lawyers, Barristers, Tax Advisors,  Financial Advisors, Conveyance & Property Experts, 
Architects, Economists, and Translators in Alicante, Spain.
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Raymundo & Hopman Abogados - Barristers, Lawyers, Solicitors, Tax Advisors, Financial Advisors, Economists, Conveyance & Property Experts, Architects & Translators
in Alicante
, Spain - Connie Raymundo - (c) 2016
Raymundo & Hopman Abogados (initially called RHV Abogados) was established in 2006 by the Solicitors Connie Raymundo and Eric Ruiz Hopman.
Connie Raymundo and Eric Hopman - Lawyers in Alicante
Connie Raymundo
Senior Partner
Lawyer & Barrister
Eric Ruiz Hopman
Senior Partner
Lawyer &  Barrister
Alicante Solicitors - Lawyers, Barristers, Tax Advisors, Conveyancing, Property Experts, Financial Advisors. Lawyers in Alicante Specialised in Property, Investments, Conveyance, Inheritance, Wills, Probate, Litigation, Family, Car Accidents, Damages, etc
Alicante Solicitors Raymundo & Hopman is a Private Practice Firm and
therefore, not listed in the Spanish Free Legal Aid system (Abogados de oficio)
however, our Lawyers offer a pro bono service that, by example, in Criminal
Litigation issues involves the following work at no cost;

a) When someone is arrested for a minor or medium class offence (robbery, damages, car accident, fights, lesser drugs, etc) our Lawyers pro bono service includes the first assistance at the Police Station and the First assistance in Court as we consider that these two legal stages of the processes are key and the most important ones to ensure that the arrested person, properly informed in his own language, fully understands the charges, his possibilities of defence, the consequences that the case may have, how to make these first important statements in Court, etc.

In the same way, all mentioned above will be applied to victims of these kind of offences that may need of our help.

b)In other kind of major cases as murder, rape, etc, we offer to the relatives and/ or victims the pro bono service in regards with the first “diligencias”, i.e., we get sure that Police is collecting as much evidence as possible to ensure the case and, we accompany the relatives or victims to the first appearance for statements at the Police Station.

c)In some sensitive or urgent cases and after a closed study of the issue, we may extend our pro bono to other legal services related to the criminal proceedings.

Those using our pro bono service will not be obliged to continue with our private services at all, our free service and how far it goes will be properly explained in the pro bono service contract that will be delivered to the arrested, victim and/or relatives for their confirmation prior to any action, so, and in all above mentioned cases we add the following service at no cost;

d)Application on behalf of the arrested, victim or/and relatives to Court, Police or to the Bar’s Association for the Free Legal Advice Service (that sometimes is quite complicated as you have to attach lots of paperwork and obviously, has to be done in Spanish).

About our pro bono services in the rest of Law fields (Civil Litigation, Land Laws problems, Family, Inheritance, etc.) it is usually limited to the first consultation in our offices in which we always try to be supportive and to give as much information as possible to our visitors, it does not matter how long the meeting takes and of course, will also include guidance for the application to the Bar’s Association for the Free Legal Aid service.

However, you can discuss with your specific case with our Solicitors to see the pro bono services that can be offered to you. Please, see our website “contact” section.

Also and occasionally, for some specific cases, we can offer a Conditional Fee Agreement, the popular no win no fee, regarding Lawyer costs. Please, contact us for further information.

Alicante Solicitors Raymundo & Hopman (c)
Our team of specialized Solicitors in all our key legal fields is also assisted by Tax Advisors, Architects, Economists, Property, Conveyance and other Experts in many other fields , Translators, etc.
Connie Raymundo - Solicitor in Alicante